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November 07, 2017 9:56 am
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Motoring Offence Solicitors – Banbury and Oxfordshire

Speeding, Failing to Identify the Driver, Mobile Phone Offence, No Insurance

Your driving licence is more likely to be a necessity than a luxury. It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of the Road Traffic Law when facing an alleged motoring offence. If you have received a summons or a Single Justice Procedure notice requesting you to attend Banbury Magistrates’ Court it is important you contact immediately.

It is important to understand that a minor speeding offence can potentially lead to the loss of your driving licence. If you accumulate 12 penalty points or more within any three year period, you could be disqualified from driving for six months.

Do you need your driving licence for work? If so, do you have the correct insurance policy for the vehicle you are driving? These are important questions you should ask yourself before getting into your vehicle. If you are uncertain as to whether you are safe and legal to drive, please contact us at:

Road Traffic law can be a complicated. We have an experienced team with years of experience who represent motorists throughout the entire legal process. From the police station to Court, for example: from the roadside on the M40 all the way to Banbury Magistrates’ Court.

Police detect alleged offences using speed cameras as well as manned equipment. We can advise you on all possible situations.

To maximise the chances of winning your case. it is important you get the correct legal advice from the start. This will enable you to build the strongest defence possible. Road traffic and motoring offences range from speeding and drink driving to using a mobile phone whilst driving (a driving offence which now attracts 6 penalty points).

Speeding solicitor in Banbury. Banbury Magistrates’ Court deal with the majority of motoring offences that take place on the M40. If you have received a notice of intended prosecution it is important you deal with it. If you do not, it is likely you will be summonsed to attend Banbury Magistrates’ Court fir failing to identify the driver – otherwise knows as s.172 notice offence.


What must the prosecution prove when faced with a speeding offence:

The prosecution must prove that: — the defendant
— drove, a motor vehicle, on a road (note only “road” not “other public place”), at a speed exceeding a limit imposed by or under an enactment.

Exceeding the speed limit is a summary only driving offence.
A prosecution must be initiated at the magistrates’ court within six months.

Exceeding the speed limit is subject to a maximum level three fine.

When the Magistrates Court is deciding on a sentence for a speeding offence, it will consider the following.

Factors indicating greater degree of harm
1. Location, e.g. near school
2. High level of traffic or pedestrians in the vicinity

Factors indicating higher culpability:

1. Poor road or weather conditions 2. LGV, HGV, PSV etc.
3. Towing caravan / trailer
4. Carrying passengers or heavy load

5. Driving for hire or reward (work)

6. Evidence of unacceptable standard of driving over and above speed

Factor indicating lower culpability

1. Genuine emergency established

Many offences are dealt with by a fixed penalty, therefore, three penalty points will be endorsed on the driving licence.

If you are convicted by a Magistrates’ court, there is a range of 3–6 points; again the point endorsed depend mainly on the proportion by which the actual speed exceeded the limit.

Banbury Magistrates’ Court can be found at: Banbury Magistrates’ Court, The Court House, Warwick Road, Banbury. Oxfordshire. OX16 2AW.

Thames Valley Fixed Penalty Enquires can be found at Warwick Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 2UX

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