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Mobile Phones and Driving

February 03, 2022
In the UK, it is currently illegal to call or text anyone whilst driving unless you are in an emergency […]

New Technology to Combat Mobile Phone Users

April 29, 2019
Despite the use of a mobile phone or handheld phone whilst driving being an illegal offence since 2003, the number of motorists who use their mobile phones whilst driving is all too common.

Driving with a Mobile Phone

August 17, 2018
In March 2017, the penalties for driving a vehicle whilst using or holding a handheld mobile phone were significantly made more severe by the UK government.

Driving with a Mobile Phone

July 13, 2018
Driving or riding a motorcycle whilst holding a mobile phone has always been regarded as a serious offence. However, in recent years there has been a national campaign to crack down on the number of motorists who use handheld and/or mobile phones whilst driving.